The Euvaldo Lodi Institute of Santa Catarina - IEL / SC is an entity of the Federation of Industries of  Santa Catarina State - FIESC. It is constituted as a nonprofit civil corporation, it is a private entity, with technical and cultural and educational purpose, ruled by law and its articles of incorporation.

The IEL / SC was founded  in 1969 by the  Federation of Industries of  Santa Catarina State - FIESC and the regional offices of the Industry Social Service - SESI/SC and the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service - SENAI / SC. Named after the founder and first president of CNI, Euvaldo Lodi and was created in order to promote university-industry interaction at the regional level, through the administration of internships for university students in the industries.

In 1989, through organizational restructuring, it went on to develop projects and support services to state industrial enterprises, following the guidelines and programs established by IEL/National Department.

In 1994, through statutory overhaul, the IEL/SC now has as main role to promote, to encourage and to coordinate the partnership between industries, education/research institutions and government entities, acting as project inductor and executor backed by strategies set by its Advisory Council. This expansion of scope contributed to become the IEL/SC reference for other regional centers, in pursuit of consolidation of its role within the CNI System and Industry Federations around the country.

In accordance with the above line of action, the IEL/SC established itself as FIESC entity responsible for articulation between the productive sector, fomentation agents and educational and research institutions.