Considering its mission: "To contribute to the sustainable development of Santa Catarina industry, promoting innovation, improvement of management and the interaction between businesses and educational and research institutions," the IEL/SC develops and implements strategic solutions to raise the competitive potential and strengthen the participation of small, medium and large companies of the several  segments in the world market.

According to the strategic focus of FIESC, the IEL/SC acts in Education, and Innovation and Technology areas:


Through the Education business, IEL/SC acts as an integration agent, providing opportunities to students wishing to enter in the world of work combine theoretical knowledge to business practice and rich market experiences; and to companies, the discovery of new talent and future professionals who bring qualified technical expertise and innovative practices. The IEL/SC provides guidance to students, educational institutions and companies for a responsible action on the stage of activity and solutions to assist in the refinement of corporate talent management practices. In addition, the IEL/SC conducts programs and training for executives in order to renew the business thinking and develop the innovative potential of the participants.

Innovation and Technology

Through Business Innovation and Technology, the IEL/SC provides to industrial companies the opportunity to access to business management tools of high level.

It acts in the joint development and project management to improve the competitiveness of several companies and implementing tools to support innovation management, aiming to promote the generation of innovative environments, promoting and supporting the Santa Catarina companies.